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Say “no” to clients

Does it scare you to say “no” to clients? This is the time to try it with great consideration for the consequences. Many times when you or your sales team says yes, the internal cost is extremely high. With the supply chain disrupted, salaries going up, price of gas soaring, etc., anything out of your sweet spot may need to be repriced or refused. >

Risk tolerant?

In his book The Growth Dilemma, Ami Kassar has a series of questions to evaluate how risk tolerant you are in your business. If he gave you $1 million, would you invest it in your company or put it in mutual funds? >

Whack-a-Mole – Part 2

Last week we talked about how many CEO’s are really behaving like Chief Whack-a-Mole Officers. The same problem keeps popping up over and over again and they keep whacking it to no avail. And I shared some important questions you should ask yourself if you self-identified as a CWO. Your answers should begin to help you stop your futile habit of solving systemic issues within your company by applying the same old whack.

Now for part two. The winner of whack-a-mole goes after those pesky moles the fastest. That reminds me of checklist management. >