Nora’s clients are Founders, Presidents, CEOs and their teams managing mid-sized businesses spanning 3 to 250 Million in revenue.



“Nora brings out the business thinker in me and holds me accountable to my visions and goals.” N. LEE

“Nora has the breadth and depth of insight in business and of people that makes her a true leader — especially during challenging times in business.” M. STEENWYK

“Nora gives you her complete attention and focus. She contributes workable ideas to the challenges I face in my company. Her energy is contagious and her attitude always positive.” P. LEDBETTER

“Getting to the next level was challenging. Nora consistently asked the right questions that allowed me to see the problems in a whole new light – I really started to develop a new way of being. It was great for the company culture and our bottom line.” E. AIKEN

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Nora’s particular gift, fueled by her natural and non-judgmental curiosity, is the art of careful listening; then asking the thoughtful questions that need to be asked. This process leads to identifying goals and obstacles, seeing problems from a new perspective – key ingredients for building a new vision and the leadership skills to make it happen.

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1-2-1 Coaching

All the spreadsheets and pie charts in the world won’t produce a new way of seeing or a new way of being. Thoughtful questions help a business leader see who they are as an individual and what is preventing them from getting the results they want. What is working? What needs to change? How to change it? Nora believes that a transformative solution or breakthrough decision waits inside each of her clients. Monthly 1-2-1s help keep her clients on track with where they want to go.

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Leadership Adventures

Ropes courses, zip lines, visits to aircraft carriers, or submarines - these are all adventures that take us out of our comfort zone. We do it not just because it is fun, but because it places us in a different context allowing us to see with fresh eyes how we behave as leaders. And what is preventing us from getting to the next level of success and/or significance.

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Peer Groups

Our groups are just you and your peers, in a confidential, safe environment: no customers, vendors or friends. They serve as your own board of advisors that will challenge and support you to meet the goals you set. They challenge your assumptions, examine your financials, look at all aspects of your business, and share best practices. All facilitated by Nora. These peer meetings powerfully accelerate our clients’ learning and help them see old problems in a new way. The group experience illuminates the common pain and problems each of them faces; meeting payroll, finding and keeping talent, managing time and focus, developing and executing effective strategies.

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Team Meetings

Leaders manage teams. A title does not make a successful leader, a group of people granting that individual the authority to lead them is what makes a successful leader. It is earned through action that builds trust, security, and successful outcomes. People naturally want to be on a winning team and follow a leader who expresses a mood of well-being and optimism. Are we all pulling for one another and in the same direction?