“I coach business leaders because they drive the future of the US. They take the risk, come up with new products and services, and create jobs.

When they become better leaders and are clear on where their business is going their people align around goals. They hire better, they make more money and they have more fun.

In time, they are more successful and create businesses that will sustain themselves beyond the founder or the current leadership.

That means more and better jobs for the US.

That means I make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”


The commitment to improvement for Nora is as automatic as breathing. And this is how she approached her 10-year run as President of the sheet metal manufacturer Harlen Metal Products. Sales were flat; Harlen had nothing to differentiate them from the competition. So Nora formed a development team, calling on longtime employees in every department to take a fresh look at the possibilities before them. The result was a Retrofit Foundation System, a patented innovation that filled the need to bolt structures to a foundation. The Harlen Retrofit business went from good to gangbusters, as did their reputation for business savvy. This team legacy lived on long after she engineered the sale of the company.

In addition to this CEO experience Nora received an MBA from UCLA Anderson, and in the last 13 years spent over 12,000 hours with CEOs of mid sized businesses coaching peer groups and 1-2-1s. Nora has lived it and has coached others to live it.

Today, Nora enjoys the elite position of being a Vistage Chair. She is one of 650 Chairs worldwide who, having succeeded in their own businesses, pass their talent forward through the act of coaching others. Nora’s Vistage association provides her clients with leading-edge information and the dynamic peer group, learning lab approach.