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Business leaders drive the future. They take risks, build new products and services and create jobs. And they often find themselves without outside counsel or key insight, becoming frustrated and overwhelmed. As a Vistage executive coach, my clients and members tap into a leading-edge information and dynamic peer group, with a learning-lab approach for fresh professional and personal perspective.

When executives become better leaders, they are clearer on where their business is going and can more effectively align people around goals. They hire better, make more money and have more fun. Throughout my career — leading a company as a Vistage member and, subsequently, as an Executive Coach and Chair — I have seen this transformation repeatedly when people commit, are inspired and find accountability.

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My commitment to improvement is as automatic as breathing.

As CEO of a family owned company, I made major improvements to ensure our legacy lived on long after the sale of the business. Combining on-the-job experience with an MBA and more than 17,000 hours with CEOs of mid-sized firms coaching peer groups and having one-to-ones, I continually provide an environment where improvement is automatic. Each year, I devote 12 days to my own training to be a better facilitator, listener and guide.

During my four years as a Vistage member, I depended on our peer group for the insight, courage and ‘we’ve-got-your-back’ encouragement I could find nowhere else. It helped me gain clarity, think through decisions and take action even when it was difficult. Vistage was a safe place to discuss my biggest fears, wildest dreams and dive deep into a problem. Leaders need a space like this to process, especially in today’s rapid-fire world.

My work has also helped me craft my life purpose — live from joy, always learn/grow and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. These are choices I make for myself every day.

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