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Find your red threads

When Marcus Buckingham spoke to the Vistage community about his book Love+ Work, he was particularly captivating about finding your red threads. What does that

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15 minute check-in

  Marcus Buckingham, author of First, Break All The Rules and 9 other books spoke to the Vistage Community about Love + Work his latest

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Nora Paller BizPie Blog

The wearing of the green

There are some holidays that are sober reminders of sacrifice like Memorial Day. There are religious holidays that matter depending on your own traditions or

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Consequence of error

Have you ever noodled on an issue for way too long because you just couldn’t decide between two options?  One way to think about your

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Got patience?

Not patience? Let’s line up at the starting line and let’s go! We don’t have time to wait for stragglers. Last one in is a

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