A new year, turn over a new leaf, leave the pandemic behind….as we began January, hope was in the air. I was feeling motivated, focused, grateful. >

Being in the Moment

Sitting on the floor with my big puppy draped across my legs happily chewing in his bone, I am totally in the moment. Peace and joy. He is always in the moment. Want to go for a walk? He is instantly ready. Rub his ears, he is all in. There is so much to learn from our animal friends. >

Riding into 2021

If we all learned one thing in 2020, it was that we have darn little control over the waves we ride in on. Who knew last December that we would have a pandemic and all the economic effects that followed. We thought it would all blow over in 2 months and we would be back to our old lives. As we go riding into 2021 on the worst wave of the virus so far, what can we resolve for the new year? >

Kindness and Miracles

The kids asked us recently what we want for Xmas, and honestly, I want nothing! I wipe the floor with the tears I shed in gratitude for all the blessings I have received in my life. Many charities are gasping to survive during the pandemic. What I want is kindness and miracles. >

Covid tests

We have been subjected to so many Covid tests, it is hard to put all of them in categories. And, I don’t mean getting that swab stuck up to my brain and down to my tonsils. Every day, Covid tests our leadership, our mindset and our health habits. >

From -10 negativity to +10 positivity

I woke up this morning highly anxious. I must have been in one of my typical dreams of unsolvable dilemmas where I am completely unprepared and everyone is depending on me. Have you had these dreams also during the pandemic? >


Travel used to be an automatic refresh for many of us. Even when we grumbled about one more business trip, there was always new places to look at, random conversations with fellow travelers, and new restaurants to explore. Plus, travel for pleasure was a big treat we looked forward to. >

Focus, focus, focus!

As we near the end of the year, the distractions to focus are increasing not diminishing. Political instability is increasing not diminishing. The Covid crisis is increasing not diminishing. More people are hungry and losing jobs and unemployment is ending. What can we do?


“Keeping on…”

It seems like the unrelenting anxiety that many of us felt around the election may be easing. Yet, even if you are a Biden supporter, the win didn’t make for any substantial change to the underlying cause of the stress. We still have a growing Covid pandemic that is devastating our people and the economy. We probably won’t have a vaccine until next spring and it could be 6 months until we have enough people vaccinated to create herd immunity. As a small business owner told me yesterday, her only option is resilience: just “keeping on…” >