Covid-19 versus well, everything

We are in the process of rethinking almost everything about how we lived up to March, 2020. Since the pandemic started, all our daily practices have been challenged. Here are a few:

Work: How we work and where we work.

Family – Who we see and who we don’t see, except electronically

Travel: So taken for granted before, and now, only if really required.

Entertainment: All those live concerts, movie releases, even dinner out with friends gone or changed to zoom events

Exercise: Trails open, trails closed, gyms opened, gyms closed.

Education- where schooling takes place if it takes place >

What IS reality?

Last week I was all fired up to rescue LA city schools with an initiative from the business community to bring free internet to all students so every child would have access to remote education and we wouldn’t see them lose another year of education. >

Digging deep

I’m tired of Covid. I’m tired of sheltering at home. I’m not sure what inning we are in, but we clearly aren’t playing any baseball. Or, any other group sport. Yet, people are still acting like they can get together and there won’t be consequences. And, more people die everyday. I am most tired of the lack of leadership from the federal government. So what can I do? >

Make at least a dollar

As the pandemic continues to tamp down sales for many businesses, tough decisions will have to be made. Many companies have used up all their PPP money keeping their team working, hoping we would reopen. Some businesses are doing better, and some have been okay all through this. No matter what you are going through, you need to make at least a dollar.


Oxygen to breath

Breathe. Now through a mask. The irony of this pandemic is how much it relates to our breathing. With my chronic cough, breathing is not an idle issue, so perhaps I am more sensitive to the effects than others. I figure if  I get Covid, I’m in deeper trouble than most. But this concern about breathing is not just about me. >

KPI’s around cultural diversity

KPI’s or KEY Performance Indicators are typically used around revenue, profit, and activities that lead to them. They may be used around sales activities that lead to closing a deal – like number of cold calls, number of appointments set, number of proposals initiated, etc.

How about using KPI’s to measure culture diversity? >

Seek first to understand and other great habits from Stephen Covey

In 1989 Stephen Covey wrote The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It is still a source of wisdom to me and one of the few books I revisit to align to my true north. My 2 favorite habits are  “Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.” and “Begin with the end in mind”. They both play a part in today’s discussion. >

Change the water we swim in

Every once in a while we get the opportunity to look at who we are being as individuals and it can be a difficult moment of awareness. Perhaps in those moments, we can go off in a room by ourselves and rethink our behavior. We can quietly ask for help from colleagues, friends or family and try out a few adjustments. >