We’re heading into the holiday season and in the blink of an eye the year will be over. Many companies are finalizing their budgets for 2014. A process that highlights just how many promises and goals for 2013 have fallen by the wayside, and now we only have one and a half months left before we recycle last year’s resolutions.

Join me in the BizPie Health Challenge to close out 2013! Let’s set some goals and start implementing them now. When 2014 arrives we might even have a few that we can cross off the list!!!

1. Are you within 5% of your ideal body weight? If not, what is one thing you know you can do every day to move the needle (down.)

2. Have you had a physical in the last year? Including: Mammogram for women and skin check for moles.

3. Are you getting 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week? Are you tracking it?

4. Do you have a practice to quiet your mind?-meditation, prayer, silent reflection, tending a flower garden, holding a child’s hand every day.

5.Do you reach out to talk to a friend at least once a week? (esp. you guys).

Find an accountability partner and declare your goals. Create a prize for one or both of you who meets a goal or makes the most improvement. Have fun with it!

And let me know how you’re progressing?