I was talking to my daughter while making dinner the other night, and I remembered that I needed to send an email and oh I needed to get the butter out…this is when

I realized I was totally missing the moment with my daughter. I asked myself “are you right here, right now?” I got the butter out, made a note about the email and turned to my daughter with my full attention.  “Tell me again what the interviewer asked you?”

This happens to us many times each day. We are only partly in our current conversations, work, meetings, etc.  We are keeping up with email, texts, Facebook – we are having so many conversations, we are having no real conversation.
 While we exercise, we listen to the news, catch up on podcasts, and return phone calls. While we drive, we do the same. Well, I give you the driving – especially on long commutes through heavy traffic. That prevents a lot of road rage.
 Sometimes the reason we don’t give the person in our presence our full attention is because we are constantly interrupted. We didn’t ask for that interaction, so we don’t want to reward them with full attention. If you took care of yourself by creating private work time when everyone knew your door was closed so you could work, you would not be so resentful when someone came into your office when your door was open. You said you have an open door policy, didn’t you?
 When we eat, we read or watch the news, or check our email. Turns out nutritionists say we totally miss the moment to slow down and appreciate each bite. This leads to over eating. Are you right here, right now?
Try being just in this moment at least 3 times each day and see if you are a little happier as a result. Oh, and breathe deeply a few times while you are at it.



photo courtesy of previssociety.com