So much of our time is spent in controlled environments, we begin to believe we are in control of our world. Just around sunset, we had a visitor at our condo in Mammoth. This little bear was not particularly dangerous as it wandered through town looking for a trash can it could eat from. But, it was wild. Our dog was curious but kept his distance, then some other dog appeared and charged the bear and backed off when the bear turned on him.

Is there somewhere in your world that you need to be a little wild?

By wild, I mean a little more aggressive, or take a little more risk. Is there someone in your organization that keeps bringing up new ideas that you are slapping away? Are you challenging yourself to learn something new? I’m seeing a lot of fear of the unknown out there. The economic conditions are part of the driving force that but there is also resistance to learning new technology like AI. The way we do things may be rapidly changing. Think of it like the little bear – challenging but not currently dangerous.

I find pushing myself physically pushes me mentally, too. Do you have that same experience? Spring skiing can be harder with heavy soft snow. My internal conversation about how much I push is definitely a game of mindset. I see other skiers fly through the snow and I pick up my pace. Obviously, in business keeping up or getting ahead of the competition is vital. Yay for me that I’m not competing when I’m on the mountain. Not so, when the workweek resumes.

This week, take 20 minutes to attempt something that pushes you to grow. Go outside your comfort zone. Be a little wild.

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