In Vistage we have an exercise called be-do-have where in a particular situation you evaluate

In relation to your goals for 2023, what is your be-do-have strategy?

Let’s say your your top line goal is to grow your company or your department by 5% and that you have assessed the environment which is crazy unpredictable and that seems to be a safe assumption.

BE – Who are you being in relation to that goal? Are you confident, energized, focused, or scared, negative, uncommitted?

DO – What are the activities, the daily steps you are taking, the conversations you are having, the accountabilities delivered?

HAVE – Do you have the right people and resources, do you have a good plan?

Too often, we focus on the doing and the having and not enough on the being. Intuitively, we get that there is something about how we are being that leads to success or failure, yet we don’t examine our contribution.

If you are not sure who you are BEING ask yourself these questions:

There are 3 things a leader must do: model the behavior, teach the behavior and hold others accountable to do it too. Are you modeling the behavior that leads to success?

If you work backwards from the goals to who you must be to get there, what are the 3-5 being words that describe successful being states (such as confident, energized, focused)?

How would my team say I am being in this situation?

Remember that leaders can’t succeed if they don’t have followers. BE a leader. Don’t just expect results to show up.

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