The business of apple pie making

For years, I have made apple pie for Thanksgiving with a recipe I have perfected. I like Granny Smith apples with lots of lemon, cream and cinnamon – light on the sugar. Every year it is different based on the sourness of the apples.

Give Finance some love

For most of the US, taxes were due last week. For most counties in California, all returns AND tax payments have been delayed until October. Yay for us, not so good for the tax preparers come September. So let’s give Finance some love now.

Cash is king

You’ve heard this before haven’t you? When it comes down to starting a business or surviving as a business – cash is king. Do you and your team do all the tricks and tweaks needed to make enough profit to keep you alive? Think of it like your own health. When you are feeling healthy […]

What does the data tell us?

As the first year of Covid closes, what have we learned? What will we do again when the pandemic tamps down, and what will never come back? While we have our own lived experience, what does the broader data tell us about budget allocation?

Raising prices?

This week the federal reserve raised interest rates again making them the highest they have been since 2008. The President just directed the US trade representative to level tariffs on about $50 billion worth of Chinese imports; this is in addition to the steel and aluminum tariffs recently imposed.  If you use steel in manufacturing, the prices […]

Culture Committee

Does your company have a culture committee? Before you swipe left, let me say that they are present in Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and everything in between. What are they and why would you have them? Let’s start with why people start them.