Once you have set your goals, how do you chunk them down into smaller, achievable steps? Some people set an intention and it manifests for them without much thought or effort. If this is NOT you, read on. The rest of us mortals need more structure.

As an example of the structuring process, I’ll use my annoying, boring weight loss goal that I discussed last week. The first step is planning: when is the goal to be achieved?  So, I set a stretch goal of 20 pounds and told the world an achievable goal of 15 pounds by June 17th.

Next: Identify what might get in the way. Well, that would be mindlessly snacking, having a glass of wine with dinner, second helpings, portion size, etc.

What would have to change in my behavior? We usually cook and eat at home. That is easier to address than eating out where the portions are huge and the variety is very tempting. When eating out, deciding in advance what I will have and sticking to it is the game.

At home, I weigh in every other day, minimum. I weigh everything I will eat and in fact, weigh portions. I track what I eat. I track how much water I drink. I only drink tea or water.  No seconds. My snacks are fiber bars since having more fiber is essential. 25-30 grams/day.

Get an accountability partner: You, the reader, and my spouse Paul are all my support team. I am not playing this game with/against a partner, but it is a really successful strategy that I would highly recommend. 2 of my Vistage members have done this for many years and if they don’t meet their weigh-in goal each month they have to pay the other $500.

Weekly reward: If I have lost at least one pound, I can have a glass of wine at dinner on the weekends.

I walk or work out every day, so for me, more or less exercise is not the issue. It is what I put in my mouth.

So have I thoroughly bored you yet?

The grand reward is: In June, we will go on a hiking trip to the Dolomites in Italy where I will feel light, hike fast and enjoy those beautiful mountains and flower-filled meadows. That works for me!

This week, what would incent you to chunk and gamify your goals?

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