When the pandemic sent millions of people to work from home, each one had to figure out how to connect in to work with perhaps their own old laptop and their phone. Laptops were sold out. Laptop cameras were not available. Internet speeds were too slow. Schools were shut down so kids too had to be on the internet. Everyone fought for access. It was a mess. And, we all figured it out. That is agency.

Now, those team members who are being told to return to work, are leaving in large numbers for employers who value the agency they can contribute to the success of the organization. They wonder why they are not being asked what would work best for them to be at their most productive. Surveys now being conducted suggest that everyone agrees in-person work is an important part of how work should be conducted. How often, for how long, and for what purposes is the question. The answer may be different depending on the type of work being done.

Determining metrics and expectations around performance makes it clear what success looks like. If one of your company values is “we do whatever it takes to serve our customers”  does that mean your Customer Service Manager has to take their call on vacation? Or, does it mean someone in the customer service department is on call during working hours? Without clarity and definition, no one knows how they are truly measured.

Taking a stab together at how and where the work can get done at maximum effectiveness may require team created metrics for performance. Get specific about how often you meet in person to accomplish which tasks. Test it for 90 days. If it doesn’t achieve your goals, change it together. Your best team members will help you raise the bar.

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Image of Vistage CE3709 group co-creating together.