Digging deep

I’m tired of Covid. I’m tired of sheltering at home. I’m not sure what inning we are in, but we clearly aren’t playing any baseball. Or, any other group sport. Yet, people are still acting like they can get together and there won’t be consequences. And, more people die everyday. I am most tired of the lack of leadership from the federal government. So what can I do?

First, I am wearing my mask. And, I am socially distancing. That includes staying 6 feet away and wearing masks when our kids come over (no more than 3 at a time) out on the deck. Luckily, we can work from home and don’t have school age children.

Next, I’m digging deep.

Can I be more grateful?

Can I donate money (I can’t volunteer in person) to organizations that are helping people in my community who are food insecure, mentally stressed, educating children?

Can I reach out to friends, or colleagues who may be stressed? And, those who act like they aren’t?

Can I listen better?

Can I be kinder?

As a leader, can I declare a clear intention of my goals in this environment?

Can I be resilient and demonstrate resilience to my group?

Can I be part of healing not divisiveness?

As a community member, I’m wondering if there something bigger I can participate in to make all this suffering worth something?

In the back of my head is the idea that if we could bring free and fast internet to all of Los Angeles, and each school age child had a computer or Ipad, could we save the next school year for parents and kids, and ultimately our community? If we could make it work in L.A., maybe it could scale nationally.  If all children could get a great education, we would live in a fairer world.

Somehow, the business community in L.A. could do this….let me know if you have a thought on how we could do this.