As I look around my office and see the papers, and think about the closet that needs to be purged, I sigh….I need to put my ducks in order.

If you are like me, there is always a waiting list of chores I don’t want to do. These are non-important, non-urgent tasks until I can’t find that one document I need right now. Honestly, I don’t mind the stress that causes. What is really not urgent, IMPORTANT gets done around here. Where did I learn it?

Steven Covey created the time management matrix in the “90’s but it goes back to Eisenhower, who got it from someone else. The bottom line is to pay attention to how you are using your time.

That is the challenge I want to throw out to you: Important but not-urgent tasks are not just ankle biters you can kick away, you need to get those done.

Like what? Do you have a will, trusts and medical power of attorney completed and findable by family and medical personnel? Does someone have access to your computer passwords in an emergency? If COVID taught us one thing it is to be prepared for the unimaginable.

Getting organized is another non-urgent but important task. Planning your schedule and putting it into your calendar with due dates/times. Get help if you need it to make your space organized and enjoyable. About once a month I schedule 2 hours to clean up the papers.

Make time for important relationships. One hack is to ask your family/friends to go out for a walk with you, or meet you for a hike. One on one is especially sweet with family members who you usually see in groups – like your kids.

I always cherish the memories of when my Dad would ask me to go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon with the dog. I thought it was random, but maybe he had it in his schedule all along.

This week, set your schedule then debrief how you did on Friday afternoon. Then set next week’s schedule before you leave for the weekend. We all get better with focused practice.