Let’s be honest, a great strategy poorly executed doesn’t make it versus your competitors. A pretty good strategy well executed will beat you every time. So, shouldn’t you be focused on executing more effectively? Sure you say, but how?


This week Andrea Jones showed my Vistage groups how to Execute Easier. Becoming more organized about who does what and how they meet their accountability is a process that we all can improve on. And, when do we have time with everything else we have to accomplish?


Andrea Jones described how large organizations have PMO’s – that would be Project Management Offices. Whoa. They might even have process engineers. Perhaps we have bought a software like Asana or Jira and we are lucky enough to have a project manager or someone just born with the skill set who can teach us how to use it. Then, we expect our team to do their regular job and a bunch of projects on top of that and they regularly get delayed. And we sure hope they are organized because we might not be and if we are we don’t know how to teach them.

First, list all your projects and then create a criteria for which ones must be done this quarter, that is a start. Add who will be the sponsor. Who will be the project manager, who will be the team that performs the work. Do they have time to do it? Most project management takes 5-10 hours each week. Andrea suggests chunking projects down to 2 week sprints. It is like eating an elephant one small bite at a time.


This week explore how you can get better about execution. It may be easier than you think.

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