When Marcus Buckingham spoke to the Vistage community about his book Love+ Work, he was particularly captivating about finding your red threads. What does that mean? Why red?

His red threads are those things that stand out for you – that you love to do. Think of it as a scavenger hunt into your own psyche.Here are some of the questions he uses to figure this out:

“When was the last time…..

….you lost track of time?

…you instinctively volunteered for something?

…someone had to tear you away from what you were doing?

…you felt completely in control of what you were doing?

…you surprised yourself by how well you did it?

…you were singled out for praise?

…you were the only person to notice something?

…you found yourself actively looking forward to work?

…you came up with a new way of doing things?

…you wanted the activity to never end?”


He continues with a suggestion that you find at least three activities where you saw or felt these things and then ask yourself “does it matter?” in your best British accent.


“Does it matter who you are doing it with?

Does it matter when you do this?

Does it matter why you’re doing it?

Does it matter what the focus or the subject is?

Does it matter how you’re doing it?”

Each question will give you more specificity that can turn a colorless thread into a super power.


What I love about this work is that it ties into everything he previously gave us like strengths finder and engagement at work. He gives us tools for being better leaders and getting joy from what we do every day.

So this week spend some time sorting through all your activities and find some of your red threads. Enjoy the hunt.


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