Focus, focus, focus!

As we near the end of the year, the distractions to focus are increasing not diminishing. Political instability is increasing not diminishing. The Covid crisis is increasing not diminishing. More people are hungry and losing jobs and unemployment is ending. What can we do?

Focus. Focus on facts. The election was safe and legitimate and the winner is clear. If we need to stand up as Americans we know safe avenues to do so. In the mean time, set a timer on how long you watch the news circus. Or, don’t watch at all. Learn a new skill, or read poetry, watch Netflix, play video games.

Focus on science. Hubris has not stopped the pandemic. Let’s listen to public health experts. And, don’t forget to eat well, exercise and go to regular doctor appointments. If we all follow the guidelines, we can open schools sooner and get back to a life more like what we knew last November.

Focus on caring. Be kind to each other. Even if you disagree with the viewpoint of friends and family and the relationship is now very strained, set boundaries without judgment. Everyone needs to take care of themselves, including you.

Focus on gratitude. While Paul and I will be eating dinner by ourselves on Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our big extended family. We will meet by Zoom this year, so that we may all stay healthy and be eating together in person next year. We are grateful that we are not food insecure, or homeless. We are grateful for clean water and hot water and a washing machine, and Costco.

And finally, focus on humor. Find a way to laugh. The best humor makes fun of ourselves, and human foibles. Thank you to Paul, and of course Gary Larsen, for the gallows humor in the doctored cartoon seen above.

Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe.