If you have lived in one place for a long time, you might have one too – a found family. You didn’t necessarily choose it, it just sort of developed over time. Maybe, you moved away from where you grew up. SO, you begin to spend holidays with friends in the same boat. Or, you met them through work and your spouse and kids like their family and so it just keeps reoccurring year after year.

Over time, you have stories and jokes that get retold so many times your kids can tell their friends the story about “your cousin Linda”. My kids have lots of stories about the time they went down a ski run with crazy Uncle Ian. Or, the time he tipped the catamaran in Mission Bay in San Diego.

While these stories and relationships seemed good and fun at the time, they have become truly precious as we and they age.

So, here is to found family and family in general and especially to the Dad’s and Uncles and all the male elders who enrich our lives and our world. Hugs to ya all.

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