Happy Independence Day!

It seems like another commodity is in short supply. Due to lack of materials and labor shortages, many communities have cancelled their fireworks shows or have moved from fireworks to drones. Yay ingenuity!

Shortages have led to ingenuity and re-creation all through human existence. Famine, war, pestilence – all factors that have led to migration and recreation are alive and well today as we celebrate our independence from England in 1776.

Fireworks were used by the founding fathers to celebrate our independence. That has worked pretty well for over 2 centuries. The sudden rise of drone displays would not have occurred if not for fireworks shortages. The sudden ubiquitous use of zoom would not have happened if not for the pandemic sending so many people to work from home.The war for Ukraine has created new shortages we would not have anticipated 6 months ago. COVID is still trashing work environments and plans for get togethers and travel here in Los Angeles County which may I remind you has a larger population than 40 states.

My point? Don’t give up on our republic. Let’s innovate forward. Find your way through the noise to working with your good neighbors to create a better America. For me, I’ve turned off the screamers and the social media. I’m focusing on what is good and what I can do to make us better.

This holiday weekend, get some rest. We have a tough rest of the year to make our numbers, and structure for the future.


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Image courtesy of Idaho Mountain Express