If you want to brand your organization in a way that sets you apart from the crowd, if you want to attract new customers, get more business from existing customers and be one of the top 3 in organic SEO search, you must get granular. Vistage Speaker Stacey Crowley explained how to do this to my 3 groups this week.

Every organization is successful because it fills an unmet need that someone is willing to pay for. During the pandemic, many companies had demand flowing in because there were shortages or supply routes changed or how people worked changed. We are changing again and most companies have to do the basics really well if they are going to grow. Great messaging around your products or services is one of those basics.

So Stacey took us through step by step – Closing the sale in a crowded market. Is this brain science? Well, no, but it isn’t easy. It may make your brain hurt to go this granular because you don’t really know the answers. Why not? Well it is is in the eyes of my customers, and maybe, you don’t really know why they buy from you. Ouch!

There are 4 major steps to getting the answers:

1. Identify who your ideal customers are. Do you know who you serve best? Who are the most profitable?

2. What do they want more of or less of? Have you asked them?

3. What is the outcome for them of doing business with you?

4. Why should they believe you are better than the competition?

In essence, this is the heart of branding. Why is it hard to do? Because we make assumption rather than asking our best customers to tell us why they work with us. Because we may not want to make the changes needed to be wildly successful in this market.

This week begin the process. Lean in and ask yourself and your team to assess who you are and who you need to be. Be granular. Let me know how it works.


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Image courtesy of womanshealthmag.com.