Get out of my own way

A few days ago I realized that once again, it was me that was holding me up. It was time to get out of my own way, again. Sigh.

Does that happen to you, too? It is like that wonderful quote “How come every time I pull the knife out of my back it has my fingerprints on it?” My self sabotage originates from good intentions. Hey, I’d claim that it is rooted in all my best qualities. I’m disciplined, persistent, a deep thinker, a great listener, etc. Then, I take it over the line and overuse it to my detriment.

This morning, a Sunday, I declared I would only do things that bring me joy today. My mind went blank. Nothing came to mind, Uh-oh. Was I so routinized I couldn’t even imagine fun or joy? I happened to be in the shower where all the most brilliant ideas in the universe originate, so I decided to enjoy the shower until I didn’t want to be in it any more. Amazingly, the hot water did not run out before I turned it off. I slowed down my whole day and lovingly chose to take a flat walk, not a steep hike. I grabbed some crackers and stayed out in the fields instead of rushing to eat my lunch right at noon. I took a nap and left writing my blog to the last hour before it sends.

My mental habits and assumptions may be getting in my way, too. Until the pandemic and the loosening of the money supply, I believed that liquidity was the biggest obstacle for the businesses I coach. That is not longer true. I have to challenge my assumptions and theirs to grow their businesses now! I’m studying blockchain which challenges how we secure financial transactions and so much more without the backing of a strong central government. The Black Lives Matter movement has led me to reread our history and challenge my assumptions about fairness in loans, insurance rates and housing.

This week, stop and think what would bring you joy each day. And, where you, too,  need to get out of your own way. Have a little fun in the process.

Picture taken at Hot Creek in Mammoth, Ca.