Getting old?

There are many ways in which all of us are aging, but are you getting old?  I didn’t think of myself as old before the pandemic when being over 65 became a dangerous health condition. I worked long hours. I skied hard. I felt good most of the time. As a Vistage Chair, I was constantly exposed to the latest trends in business and paid close attention to future trends. None of that has changed.

I think you are aging when you can’t do something you used to do: you are old when you refuse to try. If this is so, then how do we keep from getting old?

Physically – There are no shortcuts on this one. We have to keep moving. What we put in our bodies may not matter any one particular day, but overall it adds up. Setting goals and not quite achieving them is better than giving up. We have to keep trying, failing perhaps and starting again.

Spiritually – This is the mindset game around finding your purpose, expressing gratitude and managing stress. Find your center and you will surf the waves, not be thrown off trying to control them. What centers you may change over time. It probably should. Seek out the wisdom you need now.

Intellectually- Yes, you must always keep learning. You are not too old, you are never too old to learn new things. Dare yourself. Find a partner to learn with. Make new friends to learn with. Challenge yourself with something new.

Energy-wise – Acknowledging that you may not have the same energy you used to have may be difficult. I found that I need more sleep now. I can’t ski as many hours. I’m not as strong and I don’t see as well so I have to be more careful.

By focusing on my physical, spiritual and intellectual practices, I generate more energy, strength happiness and balance. You can, too. This week, focus on practices that will be anti-aging for you. Don’t get old!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!