If you are not exploring Chat-GPT and other applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you are already way behind. Does it matter/? Well, yes! In my Vistage CEO meetings this month, we spent 2 hours discussing what they have discovered and how they are using it within their companies.¬† We learned from some of the smartest people we know – our fellow Vistage members – new ways to use Chat-GPT to get ahead of other businesses who aren’t deep into the exploration.

Here are some of the applications we explored:

Explain cathodic protection to a 10 year old. If a technology is key to your process, do you have trouble explaining it to new users? Brilliant how AI makes it simple.

Which are the best hotels to stay in for a retreat in South Lake Tahoe? It gave us four and descriptions of why each hotel is highly rated. You can use it to plan your next vacation and so much more.

Give me the 10 best subject lines for an email that will make a customer want to read the rest. Then let’s get better copy on each one of the topics it suggests.

What are the unique selling propositions for a wealth advisor? Maybe you forget to talk about something that is truly important to your clients.

In computer programming  Рasking Chat-GPT for suggestions for next steps. Or writing a program in Python and asking it to move it to C++.

Do you think AI will replace google when we are searching for information? Google is in the process of integrating AI into its search function and extending AI into programming in up to 40 languages. And that is just the beginning of applications we will take for granted 6 months from now.

There is so much power in this new technology. Don’t be left behind!

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