Hate is easier than love. I guess that is just how humans roll. Love can get you killed. The Bible/Torah says love thy neighbor as thy self. That we are told to do it says it is not easy or natural to do so.

The wars between Russia and Ukraine, Hamas and Israel, and many smaller skirmishes around the world are terrible, destabilizing and scary – even from afar. They are the result of generational trauma and are creating generational trauma as we speak. For descendants of the Holocaust, safe in the free world, it triggers stories told by our grandparents. It feels personal. For the Palestinians locked in Gaza, it must be like the Jews locked in the Warsaw ghetto. Who would wish that on their worst enemy?

What can we do here? How about we tone down our own rhetoric of hate? How about we set the example here of not vilifying the other political party? Why don’t we hold the space for communication and compromise? Why don’t we sing together, dance together, pray together, talk together?

We could get off of hate filled social media, too. Anyone who name calls or grossly misrepresents facts is fueling hate. You have a choice not to follow or support that going forward. Hating takes your power away and gives it to the haters. If you want a better future, start by looking for the good in other people now. Sure, hate is easier. But, is that what we want for our grandkids?

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