Hope now

It is such a hopeful time! Easter is the story of hope. Spring’s beauty shouts hope. The number of shots in arms screams hope. I’m noticing that hope is an individual and a group phenomena. What is your hope now for yourself? And what is your hope now for our country?

Individually, are you sitting in a ball hoping for survival? I felt that way at the beginning of the pandemic. Is there anything you can do to uncurl?

Or are you in a place where all pandemic long you’ve been doing HIT training and you hope that you really can compete in a live marathon? Or maybe you hope to have a garden this year? Or, having planted a beautiful pandemic garden, your hope is that the tomato bugs don’t eat all your tomatoes before you do? Or, or, or…  If you haven’t pinpointed a specific hope, choose one now that gives you joy and make a plan around it.

On the work front, perhaps you hope that you will get a promotion or a new job, or that a PE firm will make you an amazing offer for your company. Put that out to the universe. Declare your intention.

Personally, I think hope is my favorite drug. Science backs that up, BTW.

As a society, hope can lift us up to do hard things. This infrastructure bill going through Congress gives me SO much hope that we will finally address our roads and bridges and ports and railroads. Oh and faster affordable internet for everyone. China is eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner on infrastructure.

Working with CEO’s every day, I know there is a lot of grumbling about tax increases, but everyone wants the infrastructure near them improved. In California, we send more dollars to D.C. than we get back, so I hope we see some immediate results like helping LA/Long Beach ports get containers unloaded faster; that helps the whole country.

As a group, we can hope for a better community/society/ country and declare our intention. Opportunities will start showing up to make it so. Grab them.