As we hunker down in Los Angeles for month 7 with COVID getting much worse across the country, I look for inspiration. What is working? How are other countries addressing it? Why are we here, now?

Let’s start with humility or our lack of it. Instead of looking at what was working in other countries, we have ignored best practices. This article from the Wall Street Journal helps us rethink our approach to layering in a variety of tactics to fight the virus. The Swiss Cheese model

Next, let’s talk about resilience.¬†You would think with all the advantages the US has that we would have been at the forefront of addressing the pandemic, but not so. The Pandemic Is Revealing a New Form of National Power.

And, lastly, science. The New York Times had an article discussing this study, but we can go right to the source. SARS-COVID18 in the military-Lessons for Civil Society from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Personally, I think we Americans need to toughen up and stop whining. We need to be disciplined, we need to layer in various tactics and need to adjust to new ones if they are better. If we listen to science. If we get over ourselves, and reschedule all the holidays for the rest of the year, we can end this.

Then, our kids could go back to school. Our economy can recover, we can open hotels and go on vacation. We have to admit that what got us here, won’t get us there. So buckle up, do the hard things and TOGETHER, we can do this.