Innovating much?

You get a hint that a competitor has solved a problem your customers have grumbled about. Or, you dismiss an investment that your sales team suggested as not necessary. Or, your team suggests you should be quicker to market and you list all the obstacles getting in the way. Are you innovating much? Or, are you just tired…..

I’m seeing a lot of tired business people these days. I suspect a lot of time is spent in response. Responding to texts and emails and tweets…We have a thousand tasks to do and meetings to attend.

So, when do you get creative time? When do you innovate? When do you set strategic vision? When do you play with possibility?

Many business leaders are preparing for annual planning meetings – some of which are strategic and some are tactically focused. How you drive innovation and jump the competition should be part of that meeting. What could you do that no one else in you industry is doing? What would you invest in if someone handed you $10 million tomorrow?

Other analysis should include thinking about how a competitor could put you out of business. What if they take your best team members? Or they invest in a strategy you are dismissing right now? Or innovate past your space? Or do a better job telling their story?

Is your direction clear to the team? Do you have the processes in place to implement a new strategy? Are you investing in the structure and people you need to be successful?As fall settles in, we can get down to serious focus on leading our teams.

Pick one or two opportunities and play with solutions. Allocate people and resources to work on solutions. Create a clear calendar for development. It is a lot more fun than answering emails.

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Image courtesy of greenbookblog