Just 3 things

I had my yearly physical this week and my doctor said there were just 3 things I should focus on: sleep, exercise and eating healthy. These are the levers for a long and healthy life. Easy. Just 3 things.Sometimes, we stop focusing on exercise because we are too busy, or don’t put it in our calendar. . Or we don’t get enough sleep because we are trying to wind down looking at our devices. Or our anxiety wakes us up in the middle of the night. Or our kids. Then we soothe ourselves with carbs and coffee….Is this healthy? No. Do we know better? yes.

It is not that we don’t know. It is that we don’t do! I keep talking about losing weight and I weigh more than I did at the beginning of the year. What? The same thing is true in our businesses. We know that survival requires cash, a product or service that people want or need and the people and systems to get it to them. Our differentiators can be anywhere along the way. Are we seriously focusing on moving the levers? Do we have enough discipline to focus on the changes that make us uncomfortable?

We can’t allow ourselves to get distracted when the answers don’t come easily. If leaders don’t drive the focus, if we don’t make a stand for solving the tough problems, we model “good enough.” Are you comfortable with that? What if you were impeccable with your words and held yourself accountable to focusing on the levers that will help you reach your dreams? Wouldn’t your people step up, too?

This week, start executing on 3 things YOU could do that would move the levers of success in your company. Be accountable. And, have fun doing it.


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