I’ve seen a lot of quality economic data this week that I would like to pass along. Like many folks who have some investments in the stock market,  I love clicking on the market on the days when it is going up ad find other things to look at when it is going down. But, as many say, main street is not wall street. So what is really happening in our world?

Many of you who have businesses classified as Small Businesses ($1-20 million in sales) participate in the monthly Wall Street Journal/Vistage Small Business Survey. Vistage also asks all companies to participate in the survey quarterly and i strongly urge you to do so. I was at ChairWorld last week and Anne Petrik the VP of Research shared that ITR just completed a study of how this research correlates with the market. It turns out that the Vistage quarterly index anticipates the US Industrial Production Index by 9 months.

I’m pretty impressed with the research Vistage is doing and want to share 2 links so you can see for yourself. First the January WSJ/Vistage Small Business Survey.

The second is a more in depth survey for last year: CEO Projections for 2024.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the read.

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