Life expectancy – yours

If you look up a life expectancy calculator like this one, and you put in your birthdate it will tell you on average how may more years you should live. Despite our arrogant human hubris that we will live forever, there will be an end one day. I know, not for you.

If you then look at your bucket list, or all the goals you want to accomplish before you die, and you compare them with your life expectancy, does it all fit in? What do you notice about how you are spending your days, weeks, months, years?

For myself, somewhere around 30-33% is spent sleeping or trying to sleep. Got to do that. Maybe 40% is working, going to work, or thinking about work. No judgement here, please. Raising kids took up all the rest for about 21 years. (Assuming 2 kids 3 years apart in age). But they are in their 30’s so I’ve had more than a decade to restructure my time. I admit I spent more time working, but only because I love my work.

And, I’ve put the bucket list items in my schedule. I block out vacation time. I block out time to write and time to exercise and time with friends. Since having 2 grandchildren, I’ve blocked out time to spend with them. I try to maximize and align my goals with a little flexibility and forgiveness. I’m gamifying my life for my own amusement, if you will. If I don’t get 40 days of skiing in this year, no one cares but me. (30 so far and probably done).

So if you want to play:

1.Calculate your life expectancy ( I plan to beat mine by 7 more years).

2. Review/update your goals or your bucket list. If you haven’t documented them – carpe diem.

3. Drop them in your calendar or marked them checked if you are already doing them.

4. Share with those close to you. When you dare to say it out loud, it takes shape in amazing and unexpected ways.Ask them to share theirs and see if you can create an even better plan.

Then go do it! Time waits for no man (or woman).


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