Entrepreneurs live like orchids who pull moisture out of the air to survive.  They pull an idea out of thin air and make it a reality. They live in an alternate reality of the idea they can see in their heads. And, they make a few other people believe in their dream and become part of it. Usually, they struggle for years to make their dream a reality….sometimes decades. And, if they are successful, one day we all see it and buy their product or service.This is living on hope.

Most of us are not successful entrepreneurs, but humans seem to be at their happiest and most productive when they have hope for something. Perhaps, it is a gift we hope to give or receive for the holidays. A vacation we are planning. A goal we are seeking to accomplish.

This time of year seems to be all about hope. Year end personal and business planning stretches us out to review our best possible and most likely strategies for 2023. It is easier to do this in a good economy. It is easier to do this when the world is not shut down by a pandemic. It is easier to do this when we have clarity around interest rates, the war in Ukraine, shifting global alliances. Of course, it could be easier.

If you are running an organization, your team looks to you to describe and create a reality that gives them hope for a better or more stable future. They look to you to give them the opportunity to use their talents to create or co-create something that is even better in the future than it is today.

What are you doing to create and describe that future reality? How are you including them in the picture? They are all living on hope. Pull the moisture out of the air and feed them a brighter future. Feed yourself, as well.

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