Managing your speed

Skiing down a wide intermediate run at June Mountain. our friend Denis was topping 46 mph on a beautiful bluebird day. I didn’t try to keep up but was not far behind. Non-skiers would ask if that was safe, and if we were wearing helmets. Yes and yes. It is all about managing your speed.

As I talk with business leaders in this new year, I find many are still fiddling with their budgets and looking gloomily at economic indicators which are uncertain to say the least. Many flew through 2022 on tail winds from the first half of the year and raced into admirable finishes.

Now, as the new year starts, they don’t want to lay down budgets they aren’t sure they can make. Hence the slow rollout as they assess January orders. When asked for advice, all I have to offer is to focus on the basics. For the moment, focus on demand.

What is flowing in the door organically? Where is it coming from and how profitable is it? What is your marketing strategy? What is your sales strategy? What are your competitors doing? What is new that you are doing that you can use to open the door at new customers? What else can you sell to existing customers?

Does that sound like the basics? Sorry/not sorry. Is it time to change your stance in your skis? Do you need to lean forward more or face more downhill? Where are you weighting your skis?

May I suggest that you talk with a few customers about what they like best about working with you? If there was one thing you could do better, what would it be? From the data you gather, reinforce the good stuff in your marketing literature, and fix any low hanging fruit right away.

Whatever you do, don’t stand in the middle of the run evaluating the snow or picking your line. Get moving.

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Photo of Denis Saint Amand at June Mountain ski resort.