Most/least likely

Whatever scenario you predicted was most likely or at least probable 6 months ago is probably not worth the paper it was written on. But then again, who uses paper these days?

 No one thought Russia would really invade the Ukraine. We kinda thought we would be out of this  seeming eternity of COVID, but we are getting another wave. And inflation continues to take a bite out of our wallets especially at the gas pump.The effects of these are serious and continue to have new consequences that we hadn’t predicted would happen.
In the business sector, most companies that are making higher revenue aren’t selling more units. They are just one price increase ahead of their increased costs. Shortages continue. The supply chain jitters means everyone is carting more inventory. And starting salaries continue to increase pushing wages up for all team members.
So, why not rethink your assumptions and update your scenario/strategic planning?
Does that stick in your craw? Is it too much to pull your team out of doing their immediate work for a strategy session?
If you do only one thing, I suggest that you ask your top 3-5 people to go into a room by themselves for an hour and do a SWOT* analysis off the top of their heads. Then compare notes. Is there low hanging fruit that you are not addressing?  Is there anything novel in their assessments that you should begin to plan around? Is there an opportunity or threat you should jump on immediately?
Don’t be complacent in this environment. You will sleep better at night if you at least scan your options and make a better plan moving forward.
*SWOT=Strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats.
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