Moving too fast? Not me. If I want to know something – the population of Mauritius- for example, I google it.* If I’m thinking of someone, I text. If I want to meet with someone, I send them an invite. My phone is closer to me than my husband and children. Not emotionally, but physically, for sure.

Yes, it is extremely efficient. I speed through my to-do list. My ideating brain feels very satisfied. NO! Extremely nourished. At the end of the day, I sit, mind spent and play solitaire on my IPad while I recharge from the intensity. I overdo it and exhaust myself.

If you relate to this, here are some practices that may change the pattern:

Looking at this scientifically, the intensity triggers some adrenaline that causes focus to narrow. That means we miss seeing what is around the edges – the subtleties. We may decide too soon with too few inputs or data points. We clinch stomach, jaw. We hunch. We don’t sleep well. Really?

Bringing this to consciousness makes it possible to address it. Can you add a new habit to restore your sense of calm and openness? Can you slow down? This week, pay special attention to your breathing. Slow it down and breath from the belly. Enjoy the fresh air.

By the way, if you take too long to make decisions – move too slow….we will talk about that next wek.


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