A regular hike in Griffith Park takes us to a popular view spot of the Hollywood sign. We usually hear passing hikers speak many foreign languages on this hike, unlike the hike that goes right up our street. We enjoy asking people where they are from and take their group photo with the Hollywood sign in the background. For us it is our everyday. For them it is fabulous.

As a coach, I frequently find that the skills that make my clients successful, that are to them their “everyday” are actually unique and fabulous and they don’t recognize it. Is this true of you? My guess is that it is.

If it is easy for you to do math in your head such that you are as fast as my calculator, that is not typical.

If you see that there is a people issue, lean in and have a difficult conversation before it gets too far, that is not typical.

If one of your team is working hard but not smart and you spot a way to make it easier just watching the team work, that is not typical.

How would you know what makes you unique and successful? Ask your team members, your family, your friends, your peers, your coach. Do more of it and see if it is a nice-to-have, or a highly valuable differentiator. Not all of them are guaranteed to be valuable now. But they may bring you joy. And, they may point the way to new ways of working for you . Or, you may apply them somewhere outside of work.

This week, ask 3 people who know you well to give you feedback about ways in which you excel or are unique. Ask questions until you are really clear about what it is you do and write it down. Review the list everyday and see when that everyday skill pops out and makes a difference. Write that down, too.

Let’s see if your everyday can be even more fabulous when you consciously apply it.

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