Paint the picture

When you are speaking to your team and you want them to remember a point and actualize the behavior required, do you paint the picture?

Look at the photo I took this morning of the flowers sitting on the table on our deck. What do you notice? Do you see the bumblebee looking for nutrition from the more mature flowers? Do you see that there are younger flowers, more colorful, perhaps more beautiful? But the bee is focused on the mature flowers that perhaps have the best pollen.

Isn’t that like your customers or clients? While your eye is drawn to the newer, more intriguing customer, the real value is in your existing customers who have the ability to give you business now.

So how do you take this story to your team? How do you paint the picture?

Humans are  visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. For the visual which is the largest group, painting a picture anchors your point. For the auditory learners, tell them a story. For the kinesthetics, have them take their own picture.

You waste a lot of time in your team meetings if you are unprepared. You and the rest of your team come into the meeting room, or more likely click on Zoom or Teams. Everyone is expecting the same old agenda, perhaps ready to report out but not excited to be there.

This week shake it up. Use my picture and my story or bring in your own. Ask them what they can do this week to improve a relationship with an existing customer. Or, ask them to interpret the picture in relation to your organization. Or, have them make up a story they could tell a customer about a product or service you have. You get it. Go paint the picture.


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