Personal Stretch Goals

In December, I set personal stretch goals including an outrageous BHAG of 40 days of downhill skiing by May 2022. For context, I had never skied more than 20 days in a season before. Why did I bother? To focus my actions and attention to get the results I wanted.

If you think about it, personal stretch goals are much better than New Year’s Resolutions. You have to be much more specific and they drive where you focus your attention. And, isn’t that the point? To focus better?

It seems to me that leaders spend most of their time swatting away distractions or completely hijacked by them. If you plan to meet your personal stretch goals you put them in the bottle first, like big rocks. The distractions become the little rocks and then sand, which all fit if you get the big rocks in first.

i was reminded about this the other day. I had picked a bunch of lemons from my tree and had about 10 Key limes from my neighbor. I dropped the KEY Limes in the bowl first because they were rolling off the counter while the big lemons sat there happily in the sunlight. Then, I was frustrated because I couldn’t fit them all in. I laughed and took them all out. I put the limes in a small bowl so they wouldn’t roll away and placed the lemons in more carefully. I dropped the limes in around the lemons and they all fit.

How does this apply to your busy day? You may hate me for saying this but you need personal discipline and boundaries to protect the big rocks. I calendared 55 days in Mammoth to create the possibility of success. I calendared my 1-2-1’s only in the afternoon when I am there. I told my Members my goal. I told my husband my goal. Everyone bought in to my plan.

What is the personal stretch goal you hunger to make? You, too, can realize your dream.