We all know that it is hard to change our habitual practices- not signaling when we turn right, or leaving the lights on, or ignoring bad behavior by our best salesperson. So, if you were to pick one thing to address in 2024, what one little thing would make the biggest difference? Let’s look for that leverage…

You probably have a list from which you could choose. Which one has been on there the longest? Do you really want to do what it takes to achieve that one? If so, great! Get to it. If you really aren’t prepared to address it, let’s move down to the next one, and the next one. Often, reviewing what gets in the way of addressing it explains why it remains on the list.

Perhaps, like me, losing weight this year is on the top of the list. What gets in the way? My habits. So, over the last few months I’ve been looking at my habits, and have started to change the easy ones to get ready to truly address losing weight. I’m starting to record what I eat. I’m paying attention to my portion size. I’ve identified the time I eat mindlessly, or shove a whole bunch in really fast because I’m super hungry or frustrated.

I also set myself a goal. I will be at my ideal weight by my birthday in June. So I have a realistic target. And, I will start Noom this week so I have tracking and accountability.

I bring my weight loss program up because it makes my point. I wasn’t ready to do this before. I have addressed many other easier goals and achieved them in the past few years. Now, I am ready. I have removed a lot of obstacles to success and I look forward to reaching my goal. Seems like a great start to 2024. May you, too, achieve success in an area that is bugging you. And, may we all feel true accomplishment in 2024!

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