A new year, turn over a new leaf, leave the pandemic behind….as we began January, hope was in the air. I was feeling motivated, focused, grateful.

I posted my blog last week, walked up the hill to Canyon Lodge, put on my skis and off I went. Mammoth wasn’t very crowded so I skied right onto the lift with no line. The snow was packed powder, fast but not icy., As I approached the ski lift on my second run, I caught an edge and down I went landing on my right shoulder: hard. Trying to get my legs sorted out to stand back up, I realized I was actually hurt. A very nice host helped me off with my skis and walked me down to where Paul and the dog could come to take me to the ER.

So now I’m in a sling with a broken collarbone and 2 broken ribs. And a long road to recovery. Did I mention that it hurts. A lot?

This is not all that happened this week. I wish it was. Many, many people came down with Covid in my Vistage companies and some lost family members to the virus. We almost lost our democracy on Wednesday.

So, recovery will be a long slog in so many ways. My sense is that it requires a short term and a long term plan. Short term: communicate and get help. For me, l can type with one hand, I can walk but I can’t open a jar or put my hair in a rubber band. Paul is scared to death to leave me alone in the kitchen – not sure what trouble I will cause. [Editor’s note: I’m worried she will injure herself more!]

The bigger losses require more time to solve. They cry out for us to work together as a community, to communicate, to dig deep. If we come from kindness, deep listening and and commitment to our core values, we can recover, or perhaps come out stronger than we were before. We have all of 2021 to make it so.