When these 2 guys met at age 14 in math class, it was on the other side of the country, and a long time ago. Who would have thought that they would be retired and sharing a beer, looking at the Pacific over 50 years later? Who would have thought about retirement then? And, who should be, but is NOT thinking of it now?

I’m not suggesting that you must retire. Who am I to talk? I have no plans to retire yet. But, if you were to retire, what would you retire to? If you can see some objectively fun or meaningful times ahead, you will move forward with excitement. More time with grandchildren, or to travel again. Or, maybe you want to take up painting or coaching the next generation.

Remind me why we work in the first place? If it is no longer about survival, or buying a house or putting your children through college, is it entropy? I work because I work? I work because I don’t know how to do anything else well? I work, well, because I haven’t lifted my head up to look around at what else I could or should be doing.

Who is in control here? Subtract your current age from 90 and assess what you want to do with the time remaining. If you want to die scuba diving at 90, are you putting the plan in place to get there? Can you do that if you work your current pace? Personally, I plan to ski Cornice at Mammoth (a double black diamond run) when I am 90. I need to work out more and for the rest of my life if I’m going to achieve that goal. I hope I have friends my age skiing it with me.

So this week, start thinking what you want to retire to.*


*Helpful read: Living Forward by Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy

Photo of Paul and Dennis, Chaminade, Long Island graduates

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