It shocks me how few business leaders plan fun into their busy schedules. Somehow, they think fun will just show up. Maybe it does for you. If not, let’s plan some laughs for 2023.

What does fun look like for you? Maybe it is throwing the football in the front yard. Maybe it is camping with old friends. Maybe it is getting your nails done and catching up with a close buddy. Or being spontaneous and throwing on a slicker to tromp in the pouring rain. What do you already have booked and what do you yearn to do? If you have not booked at least one vacation or staycation for 2023, do it now. At least, block the time on your calendar now and you can figure it out later.

Why do I throw this out as a challenge? Too many people are burned out and working anyway. Not wrong, you do what you have to do, but not fun. That is for sure. You being not fun means everyone in your company has to suffer. Your family suffers. And your ability to be creative in work and in life is definitely reduced. So who benefits? Suffering does not equal value.

Start with some rest. Go to bed 20 minutes earlier for the first 2 weeks of January. Block 20 minutes just for you at the beginning or end of the day. Close your eyes and watch your breath in and out of your nose for 10 minutes. Then think how you could have 10 minutes of fun today.

Next, be silly in a group. Maybe, have an “orange day” where everyone in the house or work place wears orange, eats orange foods like sweet potatoes, orange peppers, oranges…and make one orange joke. Silly, yes? But creative and fun. Orange you glad I suggested it?

If you can choose how you respond to the stimulus we call the New Year of 2023, why not respond with creative energy and positivity. Your team will thank you for it.


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