Survival of the fitter

Perhaps you have hear the phrase from Darwin of survival of the fittest. It was a paraphrase of his studies of animal behavior all over the world. Perhaps you have also heard the story of the 2 guys lost in the jungle who hear a tiger roar. The first guy says we better run faster than that tiger. The second guy turns to him and says ” I don’t have to run faster than the tiger, I just have to run faster than you.”

After a lovely weekend of over eating, we don’t need to focus on being the fittest, the strongest or the leanest, we just need to focus on getting a little fitter each day from now to the New Year. (You can start tomorrow if you are celebrating Chanukah tonight).

I suggest 5 minutes each day of more or different. Pick one:

breathe quietly and with attention





jump rope, etc.

Next: Go to the refrigerator and throw out all those lovely desserts. Or, commit to leaving them to the rest of the household. My dear friend Ned used to complain that every year he said he would lose 10 pounds and he tried all year, but never achieved the goal. When he suggested that he just give up the goal,  I said, “imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t intended to lose 10 pounds?”

Like all mammals we love a good feast. Now, it is time to get a little fitter. I’ll do it if you will.

And, I am very grateful that you read my blog and many of you send me comments. That feeds my soul. Good bad ugly or joyful, it is about staying in conversation on this life’s journey. Thanks.