Take 5 minutes

Watching a beautiful sunrise this week, I stood in awe at the window and just breathed deeply. Totally in the moment, I did not plan my day, I did not think, I just took deep breaths and looked at the sunrise. SO simple, right? Take 5 minutes and just be in the moment.

Is that simple for you to do? Not for me. I live in the future. Schedule, plan, organize to maximize. Keep on the schedule to get everything in. Overfill my day for success! OMG. Maybe, you have a healthier pattern. Do you take 5 minutes at regular times during the day for you?

Here is what I see: people going into the bathroom with their phone just to catch up. People on zoom calls or meetings checking emails, replying to texts, slack messages, etc. Is everyone exhausted from all this?

Regularly throughout the day, take time to breathe.

  • Before you get out of bed, Take deep breaths from your belly and scan your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. How’s everybody doing? Your back, your belly, your feet…
  • Before you start work, deep breath, what is your intention or affirmation for the day…
  • Before your second glass of water, appreciate the vessel that is your body.
  • Your sustenance – lunch. Slow down – chew calmly.
  • Stretch in the afternoon. Don’t sit too long.
  • Stop working at some point. Go for a walk or work out.
  • Do at least one thing today that brings you joy.

At the end of your day, take 5 minutes for gratitude. All the major religions figured this out thousands of years ago. Science backs it up. The difference between being happy or not is not wealth, it is gratitude. Every night think about or write down that for which you are grateful. Then turn your mind OFF. Let your subconscious take it from there.

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Photo from Catalina Island looking towards the mainland.