On autopilot, are we?

We stumble out of bed in a sleepy fog at 0-dark-30 and get through our morning routine by habit (habit is good). Then somewhere after or during the morning shower or maybe not until we turn on the car after our morning caffeine, we begin to wake up. Do we take time to notice?

1.It is spring. Take time to notice the flowers.

2. Someone on your team has done a super job lately. Take time to notice and acknowledge them. Remember, accurate frequent authentic feedback leads to huge improvements in engagement.

3. Data. Take time to review leading indicators: for sales trends, the economy, clicks through to the second page on your website. What is it that you need to think about that you have been shoving down?

4. Your energy level. Is it good? Could it be better? How did you sleep last night? More exercise means better sleep for me almost in a direct correlation. Take a walk instead of a cup of coffee. Grab that person that wants a word with you and walk around the building, or the block.

5. Are you doing “your” job? That would be the things that only you can uniquely do. Or, are you doing jobs other people were hired to do but you don’t like or trust how they do them? Pay attention to your thinking around this topic. Are you making little judgments and not giving feedback or not taking time to train people to perform their jobs to your satisfaction?

Pick one thing and get off of autopilot in that area. Let’s not stumble through this beautiful spring week without noticing what is working and what needs a little tweak to be humming. Humming kinda goes with spring, too. Doesn’t it?


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