Hiking in the Sierra is one of the best places I know to get the advantage of a vista. From Monterey Vista trail you can see all the way up the middle fork of the San Joaquin River to the Pass that goes to Yosemite.
The weather can make it really difficult to get a clear view. This day, we could see for miles. 😊 This same lack of visibility is hitting us as we run our organizations. I’m being asked for guidance from almost everyone I coach and as usual, I only have questions, not answers.

See if these issues/opportunities are yours as well.

So, we must proceed with many issues/opportunities  and an unclear vista.

If you ever wondered how Vistage created its name, check this out:  it is a combination of the word vista and the word advantage.  Having a peer group gives you the advantage of so many view points it creates an advantage.

Talk through the potential future with your team and your peer group. Don’t get down. Go get a vista.