To Moms and Momalas and Aunties and G’mas

Today is that day that my Mom always dismissed as a Hallmark Holiday. To her, it was a made-up day to sell greeting cards. For the florists, it may be the beginning of recovery from the pandemic. And for many it is a reminder of something or someone they miss.

For me, it was with 27 family members for brunch to celebrate 2 birthdays, Mother’s Day and to introduce the 12 week old grand-baby.  It was a joyous blur. Who has been together with so many people in the last year? Not us! There have been so many special dates that weren’t celebrated in person the last year. We have been on zoom or talked by phone, but in person really adds extra dimension – conversations roll so much more easily; groups form and dissolve, and reform. I hardly had time to talk with any one person for more than 5 minutes. Then, a new person arrived or a need had to be filled and they or I was on to another guest. Wait! I haven’t seen you in person for a year. Okay, we will get together again soon. How nice to think it will be so.

Ahh. Being together reminds us of those who are not here with us. Some passed during this COVID year, and some have been gone for a while. So many people who gave us love and light in our life journey. I want to honor not just our Mothers who like me were far from perfect, but also our Aunties and Momalas and Teachers and Grandmothers who were there for us in so many ways when we needed love, acceptance, encouragement or kindness. I remember them today. I hope you do, too.