So many people are traveling once again for work, pleasure, time with family, I guess it was time for us to do the same. We flew in early to Nashville for the Vistage Chairworld conference, and convinced my husband Paul’s brother Tom and his wife Judy to join us from their home in NE Tennessee. First up, we tried some of the local beers and enjoyed the music scene. By days end, when we returned to the hotel, Chairs were arriving from all over the world and the energy that comes from being with your most respected and loved peers was flowing.

As much as we learned from remote work about substituting technological usage for in person contact, it is really sweet to look someone in the eye, both family and colleagues, feel their live presence and maybe even smell coffee on their breath. We have so many senses that work in person. I confess that I am delighted to be able to use them all.

I don’t think that is an argument for 100% back in the office as some CEO’s are suggesting. The ability to work from home 1-2 days/week or to only go into the office for weekly or necessary meetings is appropriate for many people. Wherever you get more work done is where I believe you should be.  If you used to be more successful on the road and you would be more successful being back out there, convince me how you will bridge the gap if you want to permanently travel less.

For now, go to the trade shows and industry meetings and customer gatherings and listen hard. Who is new there? Any new competitors? What are your customers’ concerns Do you have new products or services to share with them? What have you been doing to become a better vendor since last you saw them in person? Be memorable. And, have some fun if you can.

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