What do Fathers get to do?

What do Fathers get to do?

  •  – Drop a few ingredients and check in later. “Hey, babe, how’s the pie cooking?”
  •  – Choose – choose to change diapers, choose how much time they spend with their kids, choose if they will BE in their kids lives….
  • – Be a teacher/role model.

While Mom’s are there for survival, Dad’s are there for mentorship.

So here is to all the great mentors on Fathers’ Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Dad and he was there for me on nights and weekends. He encouraged, no demanded that his daughters fulfill their potential in academics, sports, and a career. He took us hiking and threw balls and taught us to garden and respect our Mother. He even made us say our prayers and put us to bed if my Mom was out for a girls’ night. This from my Dad, the atheist.

One of my favorite memories was my Dad chaperoning a weekend camping trip for my high school Ecology Club -16 girls and 2 Dads at Leo Carrillo state beach for a weekend. My Dad taught everyone how to make a fire. I was so proud. (My Dad hated making fires). He got everyone up early for low tide and pointed out all the star fish and sea urchins in the tide pools. He shared his enthusiasm for the ocean and camping with many who had never done that before.

In our very convoluted world, where some Dads are so present and others have chosen not to be, let’s honor the mentors/fathers in our lives who gave us special attention and taught us how to show up. Those who taught us how to make a fire, or make a tough decision. Those who encouraged us to take chances.

This week, mentor someone who could use a listener, a clap on the back or a few words of encouragement.

Thanks, Dad


Photo from 1979. Dad’s in blue with his Marshall high school friends Jerry Anderson, Neal Dyste and Val Lund. All electric engineer, nay vets and friends until the end.

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