When we were kids, we had peer groups of all sorts. We had classmates, we had team mates, we had recital groups, or dance classes or religion classes. Everywhere we went we were lumped into some sub-grouping.

Sometimes they were peers, sometimes they were just our age. For adults, there are very few regular standards in which to measure success. You don’t make/not make it to the finals every year. We measure ourselves against financial outcomes that are not completely within our control and can devastate us when the outcome is a layoff or a termination. Not to say that financial outcomes are not important. On the contrary, if financial success matters to you, it makes sense to create accountability and benchmark your success against your goals. So, where do you go to find accountability?

Some people find a friendly competitor or a competitive friend at work or in their community. Other people look to industry or professional associations. How can you get independent objective feedback to help you reflect on what you do well and what could use some work?

Once you find a partner or a peer group, here are some ways to make accountability work:

Be honest about what you are looking for and who you really are.

No shame or trash talking unless you both like that sort of thing.

Agree in advance about the ground rules.

Set goals that are measurable (e.g.,contact 3 prospects this week).

Write down the commitments and review them each time you talk.

Encourage and help each other. It’s easy to find negativity.

Keep notes and review your progress every 3 months.

Finally, stick with it.

Let me know how it turns out.