I’ve noticed that successful leaders have trouble asking for help. Years of being the one who others look to for answers may be part of the reason. Or, maybe it is a personality type that is drawn to leadership. At some point this becomes a less effective strategy, and it is time to seek the counsel of others. Who walks with you then?

My Vistage peer groups have created a safe place to ask for help. It is a place where they know, respect, love and challenge each other. Some times there is that knowing comment that reached right to the heart of the problem and the answer is clear. Sometimes when there is a question that brings such insight, the group almost gasps. It is not always the most successful or most educated member – everyone brings insight and caring to the group.

Finding new ways of getting better as leaders comes from our speakers, too. This week Dr. Eve Meceda, Ph.D. took us through Crafting the Hero’s Journey Story. It was an extremely well thought out program to address the complicated problems or the unaddressed dreams we wish to solve. For busy executives, if you gave them the structure and told them to go do it, they  would think easy peasy and never do it. Doing it together, we reached deeper. We shared knotty or complicated issues or opportunities that were important but not easy for us to address. And, in the process we discovered together the next few steps that will get us closer to realizing the picture we drew in our minds of a successful outcome.

Sometimes, being witness to someone else’s journey is the best support we can give. Is there someone you would like to have walk with you, or who you should walk beside this week? Don’t pass up the opportunity. Leadership is a pretty lonely journey.

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