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He quit????

It feels like a gut punch. You get a call from an important, trusted team member and it is not business as usual. He calls to give you his notice. What??? >

Confirmation bias

How often do you catch yourself looking for only those opinions that agree with your own? That, my friend, would be confirmation bias: only looking/listening to those who agree with you. While that seems to be a time honored tradition in politics, it is not good in business. >

Without interruption

It occurs to me that one of the reasons I write a weekly blog, is that I get to tell a whole story without being interrupted. There is something satisfying about completing my entire thought without being diverted into someone else’s response/ thoughts before I finished. As someone who listens for a living, it made me curious if others feel that way, too. >

Appreciating Father’s Day

You may be surprised to find out that Father’s Day did not become a US national holiday until 1972. In most European and Latin American countries, fathers are celebrated on St. Joseph’s day – March 19th – which is also celebrated as the day the swallows return to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano, in California. (fun fact). It seems like holidays emerge as a way to bring us together to remember or celebrate important events. >

Define what winning looks like

Perhaps it is clear in your mind what winning looks like in your organization. Perhaps, you think your team is aligned around the same vision. Do you test your assumptions? Do you ask them what winning looks like for them? >

The Hybrid Gap

Have you been hearing this too? Senior staff, long time individual contributors, newer employees – all saying they hate the mandatory return to work policy. They MUST be in the office 3 days/week. Pick any 3, just be there and do what they would have done at home so they can be AVAILABLE for collaboration. Then they go in their office/cubicle and work by themselves all day….say WHAT? >

Short and then long

Does it feel like whiplash sometimes switching from thinking short term then long term, then short and then long? Ai yai yai! This economy is crazy making. How do you manage your thinking and your response? >

What is privilege?

When you have privilege it is just your normal. There is no friction, no fear, nothing that concerns you. Lacking privilege, you feel injustice, then you become numb to it until something provokes you again–friction, fear, concern. >

Yes, and…

Have you ever thought of using improvisational techniques (explained below) to improve the communication, the engagement and culture of your company? Vistage Speaker Chris Nielson brought them to my groups this week with great enthusiasm and success. Once engaged it is easy to connect, but how to engage? >